Saturday, August 26, 2017     

                        An easy way to earn 0.015 and getting FREE entry in minicryptobitx. Cryptobitx Feeder and minicryptobitx are two different matrix and sites. The main purpose of cryptobitx feeder is just allow people to earn 0.02btc with the help of 0.005btc and getting free entry at minicryptobitx.

LEVEL 1:  2 x 0.005btc = 0.01btc (upgrade to level 2)

LEVEL 2:  4 x 0.01btc = 0.04btc

0.02 will be hold by system to get free entry to minicryptobitx and 0.005 will be used for re-entry

Total sent to user wallet 0.015btc


EARN 0.015 BTC Again n Again and Free entry in minicryptobitx


Register at or the referral link provided by your sponsor and upgrade with 0.005btc. Bring TWO people under you so system will upgrade you to level 2. Once you receive full payments of level 2 i.e. 0.04btc system will hold 0.02, reset you to level 1 with 0.005btc and send 0.015btc to your wallet.

Now register with the link below:                                                                                 
After registering make a support ticket at with your cryptobitxfeeder and minicryptobitx usernames and we will upgrade you.

After you upgrade you can directly bring your team members with your referral link but again if user is coming from cryptobitxfeeder 1 account needs to be created with the link mentioned above.

How to Upgrade in Feeder

Register on site and fill up your wallet details

Click on upgrade and send 0.005btc on the address appearing on the upgrade page

All Done bring 2 under you and assist your 2 to bring 2 and so on!

 The minicryptobitx Team

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